I was able to drive a vehicle that I could rely on - all because Credit Acceptance was willing to take a chance on us.

David Ferrell

Customer reviews

  • Customer Review Amber Selim of NJ Profile Photo

    My life has changed for the better since I was approved by the dealer through Credit Acceptance. Thanks for the compassion, which is needed for a successful business. Kindness matters and I appreciate you!

    Amber Selim

    Cape May, NJ

  • Customer Review Edward Haumschild of AZ Profile Photo

    After losing almost everything due to an injury, Credit Acceptance helped me get back on my feet again. I paid off my truck and have since traded it in for a new car without any issues. Thank you, Credit Acceptance!

    Edward Haumschild

    Tucson, AZ

  • Customer Review Amber Czupik of OH Profile Photo

    Thanks, Credit Acceptance, for a great experience! Making on-time payments with AutoPay made the process easy.

    Amber Czupik

    Orrville, OH

  • Customer Review Kirk Eckstine of MN Profile Photo

    Thanks to Credit Acceptance, I was able to purchase a reliable vehicle instead of constantly replacing one vehicle after another.

    Kirk Eckstine

    Moose Lake, MN

  • Customer Review Svetlana Railey of AZ Profile Photo

    My experience with Credit Acceptance was great and I would not change a thing. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to rebuild my credit!

    Svetlana Railey

    Chandler, AZ

  • Customer Review Derrick Ireola of PA Profile Photo

    Thanks, Credit Acceptance, for helping me when no one else would. My credit score has improved due to my on-time payments.

    Derrick Ireola

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Customer Review Pauline Corrales of VT Profile Photo

    I felt so relieved once I knew I could get approved. The service they offer is great. I didn’t have to call in much because I never had any issues but, when I did, their customer service team was helpful and efficient.

    Pauline Corrales

    Bennington, VT

  • Customer Review Geoffrey Ray of CA Profile Photo

    Credit Acceptance is a great company to work with and very flexible. Their payment system makes on-time payments a breeze!

    Geoffrey Ray

    Hemet, CA

  • Customer Review Amanda Hilton of ME Profile Photo

    At the time of trying to purchase our car, my husband and I were having credit issues which prevented us from being able to get financing at our bank. I was so happy when we were told we were approved through Credit Acceptance, as we were in desperate need of a second vehicle!

    Amanda Hilton

    Wilton, ME

  • Customer Review John Myers of NY Profile Photo

    After making on-time payments, my credit score improved and I was able to purchase a brand-new car. Thank you, Credit Acceptance, for providing me with the opportunity to prove myself.

    John Myers

    Kingston, NY

  • Customer Review Karen Braxto of OH Profile Photo

    Thanks Credit Acceptance for giving me the opportunity to get a car that fit my needs. Recently, I was able to purchase another car without any issues due to my on-time payments with you.

    Karen Braxton

    Toledo, OH

  • Customer Review Mark Zawistowski of NJ Profile Photo

    Credit Acceptance gave me an opportunity to purchase the vehicle I always wanted, when no one else would finance me. I also improved my credit score faster than any other tactic in the past by making on-time payments.

    Mark Zawistowski

    Monroe Township, NJ

  • Customer Review Lyndsay Gibson of NY Profile Photo

    I can’t believe how much my credit score has improved because of my on-time payments. Thank you, Credit Acceptance, for being there when I needed help.

    Lyndsay Gibson

    Rochester, NY

  • Customer Review ErAna Martin of AZ Profile Photo

    Credit Acceptance is a great company. Thanks to Credit Acceptance, I’m driving a safe, reliable vehicle.

    ErAna Martin

    Fort Mohave, AZ

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  • Joe and Wendy Muscato

    We needed a new car for our family, but didn’t believe anyone would give us credit. It meant a lot when Credit Acceptance gave us an approval for a reliable vehicle. Credit Acceptance treated us respectfully and with understanding to help us improve our financial (and emotional) situation.

  • David Ferrell

    When we got approved it had a positive impact for me. It was nice to know Credit Acceptance was willing to take a chance on us, and I really appreciate it.

  • Floyd Adams

    Nobody really understands the struggle until you have to personally go through it. If it wasn't for Credit Acceptance, I can't say that I would be where I am today.

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